Hi, I'm

Welcome to my site, my name is Gamberi Elia, an Italian Full Stack Web Developer, currently working for WideGroup.

Ruby on Rails is my go-to framework for web development, but I always try to find new technologies that better suit the issues that I'm facing. This continuous search allowed me to learn a lot of new languages, frameworks and templates. Here's a list of some of them.

Ruby (on Rails)
Javascript (Node)
Java (Android Studio)
Python (FastAPI)
CSS (SCSS, Bootstrap)
AWS (DynamoDB, ECS, EBS, EC2 ...)

Personal Projects

I have several personal projects, made for fun and to try new technologies. Here you can check some of them, however you can find more on My Github Profile.

spagg-o-matic saves from Wikipedia daily facts, stores them into Redis, and serves a random one via APIs.
DNDB (Definitely Not Delibird) is a Ruby on Rails project made to create random fortune-cookies.
dnd_markdown is a Jekyll-made static site where I keep my digitalized dnd homebrews: character sheets, campaigns, oneshots and bestiary.
WooperBot2 is a Node-implemented discord bot, that, among the other things, is connected to Google Drive.
http-cat-rails is a Ruby Gem highly configurable to change http-error pages in your Rails application. By default it uses http.cat as a source for images.
interactor-conditional_organizer is a Ruby Gem made as an extension of the interactor gem, that allows for conditional organizer calls

Studies & Experience

High School [ 2014 - 2018 ]

I studied in Vignola(MO), at Liceo Scientifico - Applied Sciences, where I started learning a bit of programming, but mostly I developed my basic knowledge of Science, Math and Physics, that helped me in the following years to become a better developer.

Bachelor's Degree [ 2018 - now ]

I'm currently studying Computer Science at Unimore. Here, among obtaining theoretic knowledge, I started to love sharing my programming passion with other developers, which also became my friends.

Then Covid19 came, and with its eruption I noticed some problems with my stability, that ultimately led me into finding a job, and putting aside, temporarily, my degree. Currently, I'm studying for my last 3 exams.

Engim Srl [ March 2021 - December 2023 ]

Engim Srl is a small IT company located in Modena. This is where I started using Ruby on Rails and a good amount of different technologies and languages, learning and refining my skills as a full-stack developer.

Thanks to Engim, that put its trust in me, I quickly became a Lead Developer: me and Emiliano Della Casa, helped by an amazing team, worked to modernize every technology used by the company, introducing CI-CD, Automated Tests and Git. Here I experienced constructive teamwork and leadership in a small group of developers.

ServizioGPS and Twicetouch are the 2 biggest projects that I worked on here.

Wide Group [ December 2023 - now ]

Wide Group is a company located in multiple sites in Italy: here I worked at Policy: the Ruby on Rails manager made to automatize part of the insurance broker job.

I'm currently working to improve the SDLC (Software development Life Cycle) to modernize Policy: my objective is to implement CICD, Docker, Automated Testing and a more correct workflow among the developers.


We write code not just to be understood by the computer or other programmers, but to bask in the warm glow of beauty.
DHH - Ruby On Rails Doctrine

I love writing beautiful code, something that I can be proud of having worked on. This is also the main reason that made me enjoy Ruby on Rails so much.

Also, I think that every good developer should be lazy to enjoy automated developer tools, like CI-CD, Automated Tests and Docker, which I always try to implement from the get-go.